Laz & Stormy Weather!!!
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Skipity moose froglets!!!

How r ya'll??? Wot brings u 2 view this site eh!?!?!?! is it cos:

a) We made u
b) We made u
c) We made u


We r weird lil ppl... altho we r not scary!!!

Enjoy this site... Im sure that u will come bac... mmwwahahahahahaha!!!
Our Poem!!!

When we av the munchies
There is nothin we can do
But eat all the food that we can find
N run away from McGoo!!!


Our hobby is freak hunting
Is ur name Tom or Paul?!?!
We find it very funny,
To c a puddin' crawl!!!


Storm is the original freak hunter
"Get out, get out, get out!!"
Liz is a spazzy chykin thing
N lafs when Amy tries to pout!!


We fall on the floor in the middle of town
But do we realli care?!?!
No is the answer, even when
Ppl stop to stare...!!!


Our parents r very scared of us
Our mums think we r whores
Woteva they say doesnt bother us
Cos we can crawl on all 4's!!


All the cabbage patches
Will giv us a dirty look
The tap-nose baby is the queen
N it's nose is like a hook!!!


Wot the hell is a Garth Brooks
We hear u cry,
Well my pretties, its a thing,
Which will make u fly!!!!


Now we end our poem,
With not much els 2 say
Im sure u think we r weird
But we dont care, ok?!?!?!


Cum, cum aboard the luurrrve train!!
We wanna say a big hello 2 the followin CRAZY TIGERZ:

Jen - Zoe - G - Al - Beth - Clare - Julia - Grace - Laura - Mel

Shout outs 2:

The Greenday Group = Allan, David, Matt

The Xtension = Leo, Benn, Shaun, Cal, Rob, Ricky, Robin, Nick, Craig, Spike, Greg, Moley, Harry, D, n n e of u guys we av missed out!!

The Butler Group = Diamond, Scott, Rich, Nick

The Sylvanian Family = Twig, Nick, Joe, Dave, Ed, Dunc

The Shoe Crew = Alan, Matt, Ant

Tuna N Louis = They r like scallies that Beth picked up!!

Sideys = Lou n James, random ppl!!!

Our skater m8s from the Chester, like Alex, Dan n Gaz etc!!

The Clown Group - Carl, Henry, Nick etc!!

N n e 1 we've missed out!!!

N all our mates from both our skools n Kings etc

Hey 2 Moikacocooon and Bud n Chris n Tobe n them ppl!!!

Music Madness!!
Well, we luv rock n nu metal type music....

1. Greenday
2. Fenix Tx
3. Alkaline Trio
4. Feeder
5. New Found Glory

1. Feeder
2. Greenday
3. Alkaline Trio
4. American Hi-fi
5. Blink 182

We HATE Kylie Minogue!!! O, n gay pop bands like Steps, Hear'say etc!!

Wot the hell is a Stormy Weather n Laz?!?!
Hey, well we r 2 best mates called Storm n Liz hu liv in N. Wales!!

We go horse ridin 2gether but different skools... so we onli realli c each other at weekends!!

We r crazy tigerz hu like freak huntin, friends, food, sittin on the floor and BAD jokes!!!

These bad jokes are known as SUM41 jokes due to Storm's bad sense of humour n highness. Cal was the witness 2 the 1st of these n they av carried on ever since!!!

Congratualations Sarah!!!!
Congratulations are in order 4 our friend Sarah Jameson hu as jus given birth 2 her first baby (as shown above), a healthy baby boy by the name of Christopher Peter weighin in at just over 7lbs. Was it worth the 9 months, eh Sarah?!
E-mail Your Congrats